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Factory Price Wastepaper Cartridge Pool Filter

Factory Price Wastepaper Plastic Pool Filter
Factory Price Wastepaper Plastic Pool Filter
Factory Price Wastepaper Plastic Pool Filter
Factory Price Wastepaper Plastic Pool Filter
Factory Price Wastepaper Plastic Pool Filter
Factory Price Wastepaper Plastic Pool Filter

Factory Price Wastepaper Cartridge Pool Filter

Wastepaper gartridge pool filters are an excellent choice for your commercial pool or jacuzzi, creating a clean and safe swimming environment for your pool, spa. Contamination and debris can be collected by the paper core in the bucket, which can be easily flushed out of the filter tank and can be recycled after cleaning.

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    Finn Forst
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    Cartridge Pool Filter
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    Swimming pool

Factory Price  Wastepaper Cartridge Pool  Filter

A typical cartridge pool filter tank consists of a top lid. Inside of the tank, the cartridge or cartridges sit on a pedestal or manifold that keeps them in place. Another manifold sits on top to further secure them, and they help force the water through them properly.Your pool’s pump forces water into the tank, pushing it under pressure and making it flow through the membrane of the cartridge(s). The fine debris within the water remains trapped within the fibers of the cartridge element. Then the cleaned water is returned to the pool.


Product Parameters:

Model No. Tand Dia(mm) Height(mm) Pump Size(W) Cambridge Area(m2 Design Flow Maximum Pressure(Lpm)
Af25 225 425 250-370 2.3 11 350
Af50 225 605 550-750 4.7 14 350
Af75 225 781 750-1100 7 17 350
Af100 225 961 1100-1500 9.4 19 350
Af150   1141 1100-2200 14 24 350

Pool products pool filter material:

1. Constructed by the latest engineering technology;

2. The fiberglass winding& Laminated Polyester Reinforced design allows the filter to have extra strength and resistance to chemical and corrosives;

3. It features an ultra-pure water filtration that operates at Maximum 600KPA;

4. It is the most recommendable equipment for the application of drinking water, swimming pool, aquarium, and industrial water treatment;

Features & Advantages

1. Maximum working pressure up to 600KPA

2. Uniquely designed distribution system makes a stable and efficient water flow

3. Besides silicon sand, filtration media can use other materials as well

     a) Active carbon: for filtering away odor and an organic compound

     b) Soft water resin: for softening and filtering away the minerals

     c) Lean water resin: for filtering away organic compound color fluoride and algae


     d) Nitrate selectable resin: for fleshing the fishpond

When the debris filtered by the sand becomes too thick and the pressure in the oil tank rises, people must take action. Cartridge pool filters often take longer to clean. And there is no backwashing. Open the water tank, flush the ink cartridge, close the water tank, and you can go. Occasionally, you also need to replace your pool filter cartridge filter. Cartridge pool filters are easier to maintain.

As a professional manufacturer of swimming pool equipment, Fenlin would like to introduce you to the important advantages of cartridge filters: First of all, this series of cartridge pool filters are very efficient and have a large filtration surface area. The second point is that this filter does not need multi-port or backwash valve. The third point is that there is no need for possible carcinogens or replacement of heavy sand in the filter. The fourth point is easy replacement and easy access. You know, convenience is what everyone is after. Fifth, there is no loss of pool water during backwashing. The sixth point is that cleaning is seldom needed.

Fenlin, as a professional manufacturer of swimming pool equipment, we guarantee to provide you with the most professional swimming Cartridge pool filters. We have our own factory to meet your mass customization needs. Our exported filters are ex-factory price and wholesale price. We have very professional sales staff to ensure that your sales and after-sales are guaranteed. I believe our brand will give you the most satisfactory products.

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