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Factory Price Simple Install Wall-hanging Integrative Swimming Pool Filter

Factory price simple install water pool filter
Factory price simple install water pool filter
Factory price simple install water pool filter
Factory price simple install water pool filter
Factory price simple install water pool filter
Factory price simple install water pool filter

Factory Price Simple Install Wall-hanging Integrative Swimming Pool Filter

The integrative pool filter system represents the latest filtration technology in the swimming pool industry. It does not need a machine room or embedded pipes. It is easy to install, can save a lot of installation costs, is easy to operate, has high filtration accuracy and low management cost. It changes the traditional sand filtration system. It is the best choice for villa pool.

  • Brand:

    Finn Forst
  • Item NO.:

  • Payment:

    T/T, L/C, Paypal, cash, etc.
  • Product Origin:

  • Color:

  • Shipping Port:

    Guangzhou or Shenzhen
  • Lead Time:

    normally 7-15 working days after deposit or accordingly
  • Size:

    1380*110*1100 mm
  • Material:

    Fiber glass
  • Thickness:

  • Color:

  • Logo:

    Can be customized
  • Application:

    Swimming pool

Factory price simple install Wall-mounted Integrative Swimming Pool Filter

Filter circulating pump designed according to hydraulic principle, The integrated wall hanger can greatly reduce the amount of work, which is beautiful and can achieve the effect of water treatment.Integrative pool filter suitable for all kinds of swimming pools.It can completely get rid of the traditional machine room and t he complicated pipe setup, and integrate the equipment into the poolconstruction simply and practically.

Commercial Inground Swim Pool Filter Parameters:

Model FN-05
Main configurations

 Φ650 sand filter

1.5HP pump

multi-port valve

control box

sterilized automatic dosing gun

Flow 16m3/h
Work Pressure 2kg/cm2
Filter Area 0.33m2
Connection Size 1.5‘’
Pump 1.5HP
Currency 210-240V/50Hz
Controller side multi-port valve
Diameter 1380×1180×1100mm

Inground integrated pool filter offers already assembled the system and ready to install a product with a strong fiberglass shell and rain-proof design. It can be fixed at a convenient place (underground) near a swimming pool.

The pool filter does not need a machine house, which helps save construction cost. This pool filter is characterized by simple installation, complete equipment, high perforations, With a durable and corrosion-proof enclosure, the pool filter can bear 500kg pressure and work well in atrocious weather. these make the filter an outstanding choice for outdoor use.

The system includes: a fiberglass laminated side mounted sand filter, a thermoplastic pump, valves battery for suction and return lines and as default chlorine feeder device, in addition to the standard units, optionally a control board is able to supply.

Fiberglass reinforced:

Strong fiberglass reinforced polyester unit is long lasting under heavy weather and soil conditions.


Pump and feeder base:

All models have a pump and chlorine feeder base as standard to have better leveling for easy use and maintenance.


Two covers:

Thanks to its two covers for easy use and maintenance of the uit.light-weighted design.


Rainproof design:

Its unique middle part on the cover discharges the rain through sides to avoid water inside.


Different colors:


Body or cover can be produced in any desired colors.

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