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Commercial Air Source High Efficient Swimming Pool Water Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pump Wholesale
Water Source Heat Pump Wholesale
Water Source Heat Pump Wholesale
Water Source Heat Pump Wholesale
Water Source Heat Pump Wholesale

Commercial Air Source High Efficient Swimming Pool Water Heat Pump

Air source heat pump is a kind of use can make heat from low heat source high air flow to the high heat source energy saving device. It is a form of heat pump. As the name suggests, the heat pump is like a pump, can not directly use the low heat (such as air, soil, the water contains quantity of heat) into can use high heat, so as to conserve some high energy (such as coal, gas, oil, electricity, etc.).

  • Brand:

    Finn Forst
  • Item NO.:

    Heat Pump
  • Order(MOQ):

    1 Piece
  • Payment:

    T/T, L/C, Paypal, Cash, etc.
  • Product Origin:

  • Shipping Port:

    Guangzhou or Shenzhen
  • Lead Time:

    Normally 7-15 working days after deposit or accordingly
  • Size:

  • Color:

  • Application:

    Villa Family, Sauna and Swimming Pool, Hotels

1.Basic Info.

Model NO.
Heat Pump
CE, ISO9001
Heat Pump
Power Supply
Rated Output Heat
Rated Output Cooling
Level of Noise
Free Standing
Electronic Control
Titanium Tube
Number of Compressors
Rotary Type/Scroll Type
Transport Package
Wooden Case
FINN Forest
Guangzhou, China
Production Capacity


Heat Pump Factory



2. Swimming pool heat pump parameter

Model 1.5HPB 2HPB 3HPB 5HPB
Power Supply 220V/1PH/50HZ
Pipe Sizes(mm) 1.5" 1.5" 1.5" 1.5"
Flow Rate (m3/h) 2-4 3-5 4-7 5-8
Water pressure (kpa) 12 12 15 15


Air Source Heat Pump Manufacturers


Water to Water Heat Pump Manufacturers


Heat Pump Water Heater Manufacturers


Heat Pump Water Heater Manufacturers


Heat Pump Water Heater Manufacturers



3.Swimming pool heat pump characteristic
1).Adopt anew generation of flexible Copeland vortex compressor, the unit reliable and higher efficiency; 

2).The electronic expansion valve itself has a lot of adjustment ability, thus ensure the 
more strong throttling capability; 

3).Finned tube heat exchanger with internal thread copper pipe and fin using hydrophilicaluminum foil, with efficient heat exchange performance, so as to increase its heat 

4).Unit condenser adopts corrosion-resistant titanium heat exchanger, heat exchange 
capacity is enough,can effect comparing is higher (COP can reach more than 5.0); 

5).Defrost control technology patents, to ensure that the unit has good heating 
performance, defrosting faster and more thoroughly. 

4. Swimming pool heat pump advantages
1).Ultra Efficiency
With enlarged evaporator and premium titanium heat exchanger, pool heat pump 
provides superior hydraulic flow for excellent efficiency and maximum energy savings.

High quality Titanium heat exchanger guaranties the heat pump can heat the pool water after chlorine, salts, and bromine treatments.     

3).Season fuction
Pool heat pump can work under wide ambient temperature ranges, from -70C to 430C, and provide all year-round warm water supplies, even the unit is installed in cold 
outdoor area.

4).Intelligent defrosting system
Adopt high quality Danfoss 4 way valve, and combined with intelligent auto-defrosting 
system, it assures the heat pump unit can work smoothly under severe cold environmet.

5).Quiet operation
With the superior low-noise 6# fan motor, plus the inner sound-absorbing foam, which 
keeps you far away from the neighborhood and children complains of too high running 

6).Security and stability 
Well selected top-brand components to provide you the most stable performance; 
totally isolated electricity and water system to guaranty a security daily use. 

7).Environmental friendly
With the green refrigerant R407c/R410a, no harm to the ozone, and leaves more blue 
sky to our posterity.

5.Swimming pool heat pump application range
Various types of home swimming pool, swimming pool commercial center, spa center, 
normal temperature swimming pool, swimming pool, the pool or nonstandard special 
pool heat pump. Also applies to the hotel, hotel, factory, school, bathroom etc.

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