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Wholesale Low Noise Casting Iron Pool Pump

Wholesale Low Noise Potable Pool Pump
Wholesale Low Noise Potable Pool Pump
Wholesale Low Noise Potable Pool Pump
Wholesale Low Noise Potable Pool Pump
Wholesale Low Noise Potable Pool Pump
Wholesale Low Noise Potable Pool Pump

Wholesale Low Noise Casting Iron Pool Pump

Casting iron pool pump,low energy requirement,high height performance,big flow and low noise.Main pump is made in casting iron.Long time lasting.Impeller and filter nets are steel material.Convenient to hand,easy to maintain.Spare parts available.Fenlin is an experienced swimming pool pump supplier in China, with sufficient experience in production and customization, as well as good after-sales service. Fenlin will provide you with the most satisfactory products and services

  • Brand:

    Finn Forst
  • Item NO.:

    ATS/AT Pool Pump
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  • Payment:

    T/T, L/C, Paypal, cash, etc.
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  • Shipping Port:

    Guangzhou or Shenzhen
  • Lead Time:

    normally 7-15 working days after deposit or accordingly
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  • Material:

    casting iron
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  • Application:

    swimming pool

Wholesale Low Noise Casting Iron Pool Pump

The iron pool pump, the pump body designed according to the hydraulic principle, is cast and formed with high-quality metal, and the solid one-piece structure is durable. The large capacity of the filter basket greatly reduces the cleaning work. Good performance, high efficiency, accelerated water injection (irrigation) speed and improved energy efficiency, suitable for various swimming pools, aquariums, water parks, industrial water, etc.


Product parameter:


Rated Power

Rated Voltage

Pipe Diameter
(KW) (HP) (V) (mm) (inches)
ATS-300 2.2 3 380V/50hz 65 2.5
AST-400 3 4 380V/50hz 65 2.5
ATS-500 3.8 5 380V/50hz 65 2.5
AT-400 3 4 380V/50hz 80 3
AT-550 4 5.5 380V/50hz 80 3
AT-750 5..6 7.5 380V/50hz 80 3
AT-1000 7.5 10 380V/50hz 80 3
AT-1500 11 15 380V/50hz 80 3

Self-priming centrifugal pool pump details:

Structure: Conjoined self-priming centrifugal pump with built-in debris filter

Use: Circulating filtration system for swimming pools

Working condition: fluid temperature up to 60℃

             Ambient temperature up to 40°C

             The maximum suction lift can reach 3 meters,

             Maximum allowable working pressure 6 Bar

Motor: 50Hz 2900RPM 400V±10%

              2.2-3.8KW Insulation class F Protection class IP54

              The structure conforms to IEC34

Material: Housing, bracket, impeller and screen cover are cast iron 200

             ISO185 shaft and screen are nickel chrome

             Alloy steel 1.4305 EN 10088 (AISI303)


             Mechanical seal is stone ground ceramic

Casting Iron Pool Pump advantage:

1) High performance, fast startup and low noise

2) Stable operation and longer life. This product combines strong performance and durability. The optimized design has the advantages of low noise, small vibration, easy installation and durability.

3) Highly prevent water leakage. Stable sealing state during long-term operation, easy maintenance and safe use


4) Automatic off-pump, sturdy one-piece structure, durable, greatly reducing cleaning work

As a professional swimming pool pump manufacturer , fenlin provides customized pool pump, with strict quality control for the products, Fenlin has a large factory in China, providing you with a wide range of choices, we guarantee to give you first-class product quality and service. Casting iron pool pump can be supplied in bulk, shipped directly from the factory, only the factory price

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