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Side mount stainless steel media swimming pool sand filter

Side mount pool sand filter
Side mount pool sand filter
Side mount pool sand filter
Side mount pool sand filter
Side mount pool sand filter
Side mount pool sand filter

Side mount stainless steel media swimming pool sand filter

Side mount sand filter is constructed by the latest Engineering Technology. The improvement of flowability provides an extra pure water filtration. Tank diameter ranging from 800mm to 2200mm, side mount sand filter is mainly used for large filtering system. It is large flow treatment capacity and small occupied space are suitable for the large swimming pool and water park.

  • Brand:

    Finn Forst
  • Item NO.:

    Side mount sand filter
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    T/T, L/C, Cash, etc.
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  • Size:

    800-2000mm (diameter)
  • Color:

  • Material:

    Stainless steel
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  • Application:

    Swimming pool
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Side mount stainless steel media swimming pool sand filter

Side mount sand filter: innovative design and advanced technology offer superior filtration performance and crystal clear water.


The feature of Side mount sand filter:

1. Six-position, top mounted multiport valve clamp style. 

2. Extremely quiet operation. 

3. Easy installation. 

4. Combination of water and sand drain make servicing and winterizing fast and easy.

Function of side mount sand filter:

1) Filter: filter and clean pool water normally

2) Waste: no filtration, direct discharge

3) Closed: turn offf the function in the filter

4) Backwash: discharge the dirt accumulated in the filter

5) Recirculate: do not circulate water through a filter

6) Rinse: the removal of dirt from a sewage pipe


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