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Buy Quality Wireless LED Swimming Pool Light

Buy Quality Wireless Inground Swimming Pool Light
Buy Quality Wireless Inground Swimming Pool Light
Buy Quality Wireless Inground Swimming Pool Light
Buy Quality Wireless Inground Swimming Pool Light
Buy Quality Wireless Inground Swimming Pool Light
Buy Quality Wireless Inground Swimming Pool Light

Buy Quality Wireless LED Swimming Pool Light

Installing Pool LED lights or upgrading existing lights to LED not only saves money but also helps to reduce your carbon footprint as each light will reduce energy consumption by at least 80% compared to traditional lights. Add to this the minimum life expectancy of 100,000 hours and you'll agree, there really is no better solution for underwater lighting.

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    PLU-025C Swimming Pool Light
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Buy Quality Wireless LED Swimming Pool Light

The LEDs have a service life of 100.000 hours as opposed to 1.000 hours for conventional lamps and each pool LED light savves upwards of 90% in power consumption.The LED light incorporates LEDs of maximum luminosity in red, blue and green. The combination of these basic colours results in an infinity of different colours, all very bright and vivid.



Swimming pool lights Product Description:

1.IP68 12v LED stainless wall mounted pool light.
2.Using our Pool Light to add a new dimension of beauty to you in a ground swimming pool.
3.Say goodbye to your Halogen pool light, it wastes much power, tries to replace it with led pool light.
RGB But can choose Red, Green, Blue, white(Mixed from RGB color), RG, BG, RB color as you want.
Light Source(LED quantity)
558 LED dip chip
Extend cable
2 wire from one big cable
Waterproof IP degree
One year



Why are LED lights better for pool lighting?



Pool LED lights are considered to be a “cooler” color than incandescent bulbs. This means that they appear bluer to the eye and white looks crisper. This makes it ideal for illuminating pools because they penetrate the water better. It is also safer for night-time swimming because you can see everything that is happening under the water.



Light bulbs are rated by their power usage in watts. LED bulbs are far more efficient than incandescent bulbs, meaning they use less energy. A typical 300-watt incandescent bulb is about the same brightness as a 45-watt LED bulb. LED bulbs work at about 80% efficiency. They also generate less heat, which means that the gaskets in the light will last longer.


Energy savings

Because LED lights are more efficient, they save you money. With the same number of bulbs, the energy cost is significantly lower with LED. This means you spend less on electricity. According to AQUA Magazine the costs break down as follows: “300-watt incandescent bulb x 8 hours x 365 days = 876 kWh/ year at $0.15/kWh = $131.00. 45-watt LED bulb x 8 hours x 365 days = 116 kWh/ year at $0.15/ kWh = $17.00 Savings in energy costs per year: $114.00 per year (per bulb).”2



Because LED bulbs are more efficient, they last longer, too. LED bulbs have about 10 times the life expectancy of traditional bulbs3. This means you will have to change them a lot less often. This means more time for you and more money in your wallet.


Installation Options

LED light bulbs are much smaller, giving them more options for pool and landscape installation. They can also be installed with niche-less housing, meaning they take up less room and are less intrusive. This allows them to be used for shallow sun shelves, narrow walls, under pedestals and more3. It can also bring new life to water features and other pool design aspects.


Themes and Automation

Looking to add some color to your pool? LED lights have microprocessors that allow them to exhibit a wide range of colors. This allows for theme lighting in near-endless combinations. Some advanced systems can even display extravagant light shows of varied color and timing combinations. Controlling the colors and light shows made possible by LED lights is enhanced by automation. Program and control your lights from anywhere at any time using a computer, tablet or wireless device in conjunction with an automation system4.


In summary, LED lights are the preferred choice for pool lighting. They can be used for a variety of applications, are more efficient and more durable. The initial cost of purchasing an LED lamp will be made back in less than 2 seasons of pool use2.


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