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2 Person Outdoor Sauna Room For Sale

2 Person DIY Sauna Room
2 Person DIY Sauna Room
2 Person DIY Sauna Room
2 Person DIY Sauna Room
2 Person DIY Sauna Room
2 Person DIY Sauna Room

2 Person Outdoor Sauna Room For Sale

Steam sauna room uses electric heating equipment to heat directly with electric energy, which will release heat, so that the temperature in sauna room will rise and people will sweat. The temperature of dry steaming is higher than that of wet steaming, up to about 100℃. Steaming because it doesn't contain water, is especially suitable for rheumatism patients. At the same time, it doesn't smell like steam, so it will make your nose more comfortable when you steam, and it won't be stuffy when you breathe. However, the skin will be drier after steaming, so drink plenty of water before and during dry steaming.

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    Traditional sauna room
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2 Person Outdoor Sauna Room For Sale

Steam sauna room uses volcanic rocks on electric furnace in sauna room to raise the temperature of volcanic rocks and generate heat, and the moisture in sauna room changes into water vapor to regulate the dry humidity in sauna room. Using the principle of thermotherapy, steam engine delivers steam into the barrel. People use steam to fumigate the skin, increase the surface temperature of the body, and accelerate the active temperature of skin cells, so that the capillaries on the surface of the skin can spread out, and the impurities accumulated in the skin folds can be excreted through sweat, thus achieving the effects of dredging meridians, increasing blood circulation, detoxifying and caring skin.



Mode Dimensions(mm) Power(W) Material Capacity
FL-001SL 900*900*1900 1340 red cedar  1 person
FL-002SL 1200*1050*1900 1850 hemlock  2 person
FL-003SL 1500*1100*1900 1900  red cedar  2 person
FL-004SL  1800*1200*1900 2700   hemlock  4 person



A dry infrared sauna room is composed of the following:

1. CD car stereo and reading lamp

2. 100% pure ceramic tube heating system

3. Single/double control panel     

4. Main material: Canada hemlock, Finland wood

5. Tempered glass door

6. Oxygen bar 

Far infrared sauna Standard configuration:

1. Car stereo/MP3/MP4/FM/AM 

2. Vent

3. Bookshelf

4. Outside light

5. Teacup frame

6. Towel rack   

Optional configuration 

1. Starry sky

2. Oxygen bar


4. Digtal therapy system 


Choose FENLIN sauna room, you can DIY:




If you choose a sauna room that needs to be fixed, you must consider the area and height of the bathroom. If the bathroom area is small, it's best to pay for the sauna room. The smallest sauna room available on the market now only needs 4-5 square meters of bathroom. The installation of a double sauna room requires a bathroom of about 10 square meters. The height of the room can't be less than 20 square meters. If you buy a far infrared sauna, you don't have to make these considerations, because it doesn't need complicated fixed installation, can move freely, and can be placed anywhere in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc., which is very convenient.


Texture of Wood

You can choose poplar,abachi,hemlock,sequoia,huang hui,Myanmar red cedar,Canada red cedar,Finnish spruce


Sauna Stove

FENLIN sauna stove has many styles and different materials, including floor-mounted and wall-mounted ones, stainless steel and galvanized ones, flocking anti-scalding ones, internal control ones and external control ones, all of which are up to you to choose, or we can provide you with suggestions. The heating pipe can also be customized.


Sauna Accessories

  • sauna timer
  • sauna stone
  • controller
  • Sauna thermometer hygrometer
  • Sauna door and air vent
  • Sauna wood backrest and headrest
  • Clock and sand timer
  • Heating tube
  • sauna lamp
  • Bucket&spoon

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